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Activities & Interests

The Newcomers Club of Chico has over 250 members. It is our hope that you will form new friendships through your membership in our club. One way to do this is to participate in various activities that you enjoy. Currently there are nearly 30 interest groups. We invite you to explore groups that are of interest to you such as playing Pinochle or Bridge, attending a Book Club, going to Lunch Ladies at local restaurants or heading out with the Birding Group.

How do you find your way into one of our groups? Please use the newsletter to find information on activity group chairs. Contact the chairs of the groups you are interested in.

If you don’t see a group you’re looking for or can’t find one that has openings, think about starting your own interest group! It's a great way to become an integral part of our organization and it's easy do. Lois Olson can help with this. Please remember that every participant in an interest group needs to be a member of Newcomers Club of Chico. Also, our group is social in nature, so please no soliciting.

For more information contact: Nancy Smith.

Current Activity Groups
Book Clubs
Bridge Groups
Computer Chix
Garden Group
Gourd Art
Hand & Foot
Lunch Ladies
Pinochle Groups
Walking Group
Gadabout - Exploring attractions in and near Chico
Enjoy the Arts - Enjoy local theater productions
Epicurious - Couples and Singles enjoy an evening of good food and company

Some Photos